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Görlitz - Leipzig shell symbol
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The first sunny day - what an experience - but the heavy rains have left their mark in the form of high water, which changes our hiking plans.

Gerhard am Weg mit Baumreihe

After Grossenhain we walk along this endlessly long row of trees towards the west.

Vreni on the road

A new experience: we cast shadows again

flooded railroad underpass

The water in the railroad underpass is too high. That means: take off your shoes, roll up your pants and wade through.

afte the aunderpass

Refreshed by a cool foot bath, we continue towards the Elbe.

flooded Elbe

We choose the variant via Merschwitz, because the ferry at Strehla has stopped operating due to high water.

So here we are at Merschwitz on the Elbe.

bike path under water

Even on the bike path next to the Elbe is not possible to hike. We have to switch partly to higher roads.

way along the Elbe

Only in parts we can walk directly along the Elbe.


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millat the Elbe

This beautiful mill along with cloud atmosphere is worth a photo.


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We walk through the village of Grödel ...

lunch break

... and treat ourselves to a lunch break outside. Finally we can use the edibles bought in Görlitz. They were amazingly good, after all they were transported for days "cool stored" in the backpack.

Elbe bridge at Riesa

After a long, long march along the Elbe downstream, we arrive at the bridge in Riesa.

Riesa itself is not a must-see city.

The ferry to Risa was not in operation due to high water

church in Gröba

After the port, in the district of Gröba we come to this church ...


.. with interesting galleries.

Elbe hign wateer

Another 1 ˝ hours along the Elbe and we are at the entrance to Strehla.


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Strehla town hall

The town hall of Strehla in the evening sun

Strehla church

The church of Strehla.

clay pulpit

There we admire the clay pulpit.


At the altar the founders arepraying (castle lords Pflungk of Strehla).

castle in Strela

An evening exploration tour brings us to the castle with its beautiful castle courtyards.

castle yard Strela

The original castle dates back to the 14th century. The now visible parts with late Gothic and Renaissance forms were built in the 15th and 16th centuries when the castle was transformed into a chateau.

Renaissance gables

The prominent gables date back to the 17th century.

entrance gate

At the entrance gate to the castle, the Strehla mermaid, adjusted to the temperature, keeps watch.

coat of arms

Since 1384 the Bohemian noble family of the Knights of Pflugk owned the fiefdom of Strehla and Strehla Castle.

After 1945, the entire property was expropriated. The castle was used as a children's home.

Since the end of 1994 the castle is again in private ownership.

drinking room

In the southwest tower you can admire the paintings from the Renaissance period (1532) and the late Gothic cell vaulted ceiling of the historic drinking room - cheers!