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Rain equipment

There is nothing like a good rain gear. Now it rains already the fourth day.

Departure from Bautzen

Departure from Bautzen in the direction of Nikolaitor.


The Spree is already suspiciously flooded.

Sorbian cross

A first cross with Sorbian writing appears. Many are to follow.


A half-timbered house in Niederuhna in need of some renovation.

Milleniums Monument

We come to the Millennium Monument. There is also a wayside cross there.

Milleniums monument

In 2000 a monument was erected to the Greek brothers Cyril and Methodius, who missioned in the Great Moravian Empire in the 9th century.

The guide says: "The crosses symbolize the fruit of their mission growing out of the earth". Otherwise I would have thought it was a sunken cemetery.

Tafel: Milleniums Monument



We march on to Dreikretscham and see many flooded meadows.

inn in Dreikretscham

In this inn we stop for lunch and refresh ourselves with a pilgrim soup.

Ancestor Gallery

On the walls hang the pictures of the Sorbian ancestors.


The service is extremely friendly and courteous. We feel really comfortable.

Way of St. James = Street

After the lunch break we continue along the Way of St. James (signpost on the tree on the left) ...

... and it's not raining anymore!!!

Sorbian cross

Again and again we encounter these crosses.

Storcha Joh. Nepomuk

The church of Storcha is reached.

To my great joy, I discover a Nepomuk in the church, which is immediately added to my collection.

church of Storcha

We leave the church of Storcha ...

pilgrim hostelStorcha

... and pass a pilgrim hostel.

pilgrim hostel Storcha

Under one roof is coffee, cake and drinks for pilgrims. But we go on.

Alte Ziegelscheune

The village is called  "Alte Ziegelscheune" (Old Brick Barn)!

We have reached our hiking destination for today, the Cistercian monastery of Marienstern.

Marienstern Monastery