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The Christians around the village of Kafro (Southeast Turkey) were displaced in 1994. The village of Kafro was devastated. In 2002, the emigrated Christians embarked on a return project to repopulate and rebuild the village. Since 2006, Kafro is again animated with life.

View from the old Kafro to the new houses.

Kafro new houses

The newly built apartment houses look quite neat. All houses are surrounded by walls. Behind them are private gardens. There is busy planting.

old Karo

From the roof of the destroyed church we look at the old Kafro. Some houses are being renovated.

This functional building houses the water tank on the right and the emergency generator on the left.


Marian Chapel

The Marian Chapel was rebuilt in 2007/2008. This is the first Christian church building in Turkey for hundreds of years.

The heavily damaged church was also restored and inaugurated in June 2019.

See: https://www.kafro.info

Kafro inhabitants

A large part of the Kafro returnees came to the big farewell on the morning of our departure. Here they line up for a group photo.