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Tur Abdin & Anatolia
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Tarsus was the capital of the Roman province of Cilicia, birthplace of the Apostle Paul. Tarsus gained historical fame through the meeting of Cleopatra with Antony in 41 BC. We visited the Cleopatrator and the Paulus Fountain.

Cleopatra Gate in Tarsus

Cleopatra Gate

The Cleopatrator is considered to be the possible site of the first meeting between the Egyptian queen Cleopatra and the Roman general Marcus Antonius in 41 BC.

St Paul's Fountain in Tarsus

St Paul's Fountain

In the centre of Tarsus, where the Jewish quarter is said to have been in former times, there are still remains of the house where the later Apostle Paul was supposedly born. The water of the associated well, which has been restored several times (known to the locals as "Paul's well"), is considered a cure by Christians. Many visitors believe in its purifying effect and that it frees them from worries and problems.