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Morning ritual in Belfort

There we are at the Place d'Armes in the middle of Belfort, holding our morning ritual. Passers-by are a little surprised.

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bridge over the Savoureuse

In the cool of the morning, we walk quickly through Belfort.

Here we cross the Savoureuse.

suburb of Belfort

Soon we are in the suburbs ...

Park de la Douce

... and walk through the Park de la Douce ...

bridge over th Canal de Montbéliard à la Haute Saône

... Over a little bridge to the Canal de Montbéliard à la Haute Saône.

Way of St. James along the canal

We follow the canal for a while until we turn left in Essert.


In Essert, behind the Saint-Léger church, we walk past a war memorial from the First World War.

Path in the forest, steeply uphill

It goes uphill again through a forest.

remains of fortifications

Everywhere we find remains of fortifications.

We cross a plain and come to ...


... Buc.

We continue in the direction of Echenans.


We stop for lunch in Echenans.



Way of St. James sign

We follow a Camino de Santiago diversions over Mont Vaudois.

In Luze it is only 3.3 km (1,86 miles) to Héricourt.

suburb of Héricourt

Here we are already in the suburbs of Héricourt.

church towers in Hericourt

Here we see the towers of the two churches, the Catholic one on the left and the Protestant one on the right.

Plaque at the Protestant church:
The church is under the protection of St. Christopher and was built in several stages in the 11th or 12th century, with the choir and chapels in particular added in the 16th century.

Catholic before the reform, Lutheran in 1562 until the French occupation in May 1700, then shared by both religions until 1887, the building has since belonged to the Evangelical Lutheran Church.

Catholic Church Protestant Church


Rue du Général de Gaulle

View of the churches from the Rue du Général de Gaulle.

town hall Hericourt

Time for a stage beer at the town hall.

Gerhard and the stage beer


Héricourt has often been the scene of battles throughout history. In 1425, the city was captured by the Prince-Bishop of Basel and suffered considerable damage in the process. The Battle of Héricourt in November 1474 was the first military conflict between Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy, and the Confederates. After the introduction of the Reformation, Héricourt was Protestant around 1565. In 1676, troops of the French King Louis XIV occupied Héricourt and remained in the town until 1697. Héricourt was annexed by France. In the Franco-Prussian War, the area around Héricourt was one of the sites of the Battle of the Lizaine in January 1871.

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