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At that time, when King Alfonso VI unjustly banishes his loyal follower El Cid, he sets him a strict deadline. Nine days remain for the Cid to leave his beloved Castile. He mourns his departure from his hometown of Vivar and heads for Burgos, where no one will take him in for fear of punishment. The nobleman, who has fallen into royal disfavor, cannot avoid setting up camp outside the gates of the city. Only Martin Antolinez, a brave Burgalesian nobleman, provides him with wine and bread.

In acute need of money, the Cid asks him for further help and sends Martin Antolinez into Burgos to Raquel and Vidas, two Jewish merchants. In exchange for a handsome loan, he offers them two large chests, filled with sand and well sealed, as treasure deposits. The Cid tells them that he cannot take the riches he has deposited in this way because they are too heavy. The exterior of the chests belies their true contents. They are decorated with the finest red leather and gilded nails. As a precaution, the Cid asks the Creator and all the saints for indulgence.

Confident of a good deal, Raquel and Vidas agree. Under the cover of night, they set out for the camp with Martin Antolinez, avoiding the river bridge and riding through the waters of the Arlanzón. They are delighted to meet the Cid and do not even suspect foul play when they are ordered to swear not to open the chests under any circumstances during the current year. With the treasures as a guarantee in their care, the Cid envisions an eternally carefree life for them.

Trunk of El Cid in the Museum of the Cathedral of Burgos

With the help of Martin Antolinez, Raquel and Vidas secretly move both chests to a hiding place. They hand him a rich loan in gold coins and reward the middleman with a small additional share. He returns to the Cid and hands him the money. The next morning, the Cid takes leave of Burgos.

Who knows if I will ever return in my lifetime?" he exclaims, calling on the Virgin Mary for protection as he leaves. Later, it is said, the Cid returned the "borrowed" money to the Jewish merchants.