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am Genfer See

The exit from the city of Lausanne is not one of the most exciting experiences and is rather characterised by heavy traffic. It only gets really nice from the "Maladière" junction in Vidy directly on the lake.

St. Sulpice

After a beautiful ride along the lake, you will soon reach the Romanesque church of St. Sulpice. Inside the Cluniac priory, dating from the 11th century, there are still remains of 14th century wall paintings.

Stefan und Vanja


We are already in the small town of Morges, which was founded by the Savoys in the 13th century. In the pedestrian zone there is time for a coffee.

Rathaus von Morges

The town hall of Morges from the 16th century.

Schloss in Morges

The castle on the waterfront was built in 1286. From 1526 it served the Bernese bailiff. Today it houses the Vaud Military Museum.

Stadttor St. Prex

By bike everything goes very fast and we are already in St. Prex, a picturesque little town. It was founded in 1234. At the lake there is still an ivy-covered residential wing of the former castle. Through the picturesque town gate I had to go through a second time for a photo.

St. Prex

The town gate with a clock from the 18th century and a bell tower also dates from 1234.

After St. Prex we go via Buchillon and Allaman to the vineyards.

We cross the main road and climb slowly up towards Perroy.

Bougy-Villars und Fechy

From Perroy we have a beautiful view of the small towns of Bougy-Villars and Fechy, situated in the vineyards.

Many a wine label comes to my mind.


We drive through the wine village Perroy.

castle in Rolle

After a long descent on the road - along the Way of St. James - we arrive in Rolle and admire the castle.

Auberge du Dully

On the 7 km between Rolle and the stage finish Dully I didn't take any photos. We got lost and had some trouble to find the right way again.

Hurray here is our hostel. The speciality of the house is grilled chicken - excellent!

After a strenuous day a healthy sleep is guaranteed.


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