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With the cyclist, freely adapted from Hundertwasser

on the Way of St. James to Geneva.


Soon after Dully, the path runs alongside the railway to Gland and after a few detours past an airfield.


Here we are in Prangins near the church and look out over the castle of the same name. In the foreground the yellow signposts with the green quad.


This is how the square in Prangins looks like opposite the church. There the pilgrim's path continues.

Now it is not far to Nyon. A small hill must be overcome.

castle of Nyon

We are now standing in front of the castle in Nyon.

From the 13th century onwards, the Counts of Savoy had a mighty castle built over Roman ruins, topped by five towers. Today, this castle above the old town houses the Museum of History and Porcelain (Musée Historique et des Porcelaines) with valuable pieces from the former porcelain factory of Nyon. From the 16th century onwards, the town came under the rule of Bern, as is evidenced by the arcades in the market square.

Genfer See

View of the lake from the castle terrace.


After Gaius Julius Caesar conquered Gaul, he decided to establish the colony of Iulia Equestris with the centre of Noviodunum on the territory of the present town of Nyon, as evidenced by the excavations at the Roman Museum.

I named the painting "The Caesars". I remember my Latin lessons, because I had to read and translate Caesar's book "The Gallic War". It says "Veni, vidi, vici".

church in Nyon

Church in Nyon with Romanesque roots in the rue de temple.

After Nyon, a path, not necessarily suitable for cycling, climbs steeply up to this plateau.


After a few bicycle-related detours on cycle paths, we reach Celigny and marvel at the 5 scallops in the coat of arms.

town hall of Celigny

The town hall of Celigny ...

church of Celigny

... and the somewhat unconventional church. There is a pilgrim's stamp here.

Châteu de Bossey

The path leads past the Châteu de Bossey via Founex ...


... to Commugny.

The current construction of the church of Saint-Christophe dates largely from the 15th century.

Only a few more kilometres separate us from the midday rest ...

Hotel de la couronne in Mies

... in Mies. We stop at the Hotel de la couronne (to the crown). It is planned as stage resort for the hike.


We are a little late and rush a little to Geneva, which is only about 17 km away.

The joy is great when the Jet d'eau comes into sight.

Sisi Gedenkstätte in Genf

Sisi Memorial on Lake Geneva.

She was murdered nearby. Her last resting place is in the Capuchin crypt in Vienna next to Franz Josef and her son Rudolf.

More about Sisi with this link

Rast am Genfersee

Speaking of rushing: We still have time for an ice cream on Lake Geneva ...


... and a short bicycle tour in Geneva before the train takes us back to Zurich.


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