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The approx. 4 km long stretch from Enns to Asten, I had already covered by bike. The Jakobsweg (Way of St. James) follows here over asphalt ways the cycle track. Vreni and I have therefore continued our pilgrimage in Asten.

Jakobsweg vor Asten

This is how the Jakobsweg (Way of St. James) = cycle path from Enns to Asten looks like. Here it runs directly beside the railway.

Am Weg nach Asten

From the station the way leads into the village...

Gerhard beim Jakobsbrunnen in Asten

....and there I am at the fountain of the St. James' Church in Asten.

Kirche von Asten, Oberösterreich

The forecourt of Asten church with the fountain.

What does it look like inside the church? - Just move the mouse over the picture.


More and more clouds are gathering in the originally blue sky. We know that, according to the weather forecast, we still have a long way to go.

Jakobus in der Kirche von Asten in Oberösterreich

In the modern church there is a "modern" James.

Die alte Jakobuskirche in Asten

With the best wishes from the parsonage wife, we set out on our journey. First we pass the old church of St. James. Then we walk along the Ipfbach and underpass the motorway.

Karte vom Jakobsweg Asten - St.Florian


Bauernhof bei St. Florian

We pass beautiful farm houses and...

Wegkreuz bei St. Florian

.... a way cross. St Florian has been in sight for a long time and slowly seems to be getting bigger.

Stift Sankt Florian
Fussgängerbrücke über die Ipf

After crossing the Ipf-Landesstrasse this footbridge leads us over the Ipfbach, on the left side of which we now walk upstream.

Wilbirg Kapelle

In the area of the village St. Florian there is a Wilbirch chapel on the other side of the stream.

The blessed Wilbirg made a pilgrimage to Santiago and back in the Middle Ages and then retired to the monastery.

Wilbirg Statue Tafel bei der Wilbirg Kapelle
Nepomukstatue vor Sankt Florian

At the next road bridge we thought it was time to go up to the monastery. We didn't see a way sign of St. James, we just walked up the road and were greeted by John Nepomuk.