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Way of St. James in Austria

Ways of St. James Upper Austria

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Frankenmarkt - Hager Chapel

Hager Chapel - Eugendorf Eugendorf - Maria Plain Maria Plain Maria Plain - Salzburg
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We choose this short stage to have some more time in Maria Plain.


Here we are at the extensive breakfast in our pilgrims quarters, in Eugendorf right next to the church.


Well strengthened we walk past the Holznerwirt. There we had an excellent meal the evening before.

the big way cross

"Right after Eugendorf we head for the big way cross" so it is in the guide and so it is. Wonderful the view of the still snow-covered mountains.

Vreni and Gerhard at the big way cross

There we are at the big way cross.

Way of St. James at the Höhenrücken

On a ridge we hike on asphalt paths between meadows and enjoy the view into the distance.

Hallwang in the distance

Soon we discover the village Hallwang with its little church. We are heading for it.

Panorama bei Hallwang

Unfortunately, our path today is always asphalted, but still beautiful.


Hallwang moves closer.

Martinskirche in Hallwang

Here we are at the Martinskirche in Hallwang

It is Sunday and in the church they are celebrating mass. We don't want to disturb, so there is no interior shot.

Stone with plaque: Let us make a pilgrimage to the house of the Lord

On the street by the square in front of the church stands this stone

Let us make a pilgrimage to the house of the Lord.


During the next ascent shortly after Hallwang a deer watched us for a long time. At some point we came too close, it ran away.

first view of Maria Plain

After the place "Berg" there is a first view of Maria Plain.

Suburbs of Salzburg and Bergheim

Just cross over or under the railroad and the Bundesstrasse 156 and we are at the Plainberg.

underpass under main road 156

This is the underpass under the main road 156 to Mattsee. We did not find it at first go.

We missed a sign and went on and back on the Carl-Zuckmayerstrasse

Ascent to the Plain Mountain

Ascent to the Plain Mountain

Maria Plain

There lies Maria Plain and our inn before us.

Gasthof Maria Plain

There is a lot of activity here at the moment. It is lunchtime and all pilgrims are hungry.

Vreni und Gerhard vor dem GH Maria Plain

We have arrived at our "pilgrim hostel" the Gasthof Maria Plain.

Here we stay. In the afternoon we will meet friends and visit Salzburg.

Zimmer 21 im Gasthof Maria Plain

Our room no. 21 with view on Salzburg

Marienbild im ersten Stock des Gasthofs in Maria Plain

On the 1st floor of the Gasthof Maria Plain hangs a picture of the Virgin Mary (left picture). It looks very similar to Lucas Cranach's Mariahilfbild, but is supposed to be a copy of another pilgrimage picture.


Tafel mit Pilgerzielen

At the pilgrimage church all possible pilgrimage destinations are listed. To Rome, you cannot read it on the picture, it is 957km.

The view from the Plain Berg to Salzburg is beautiful!

Aussicht vom Plainberg auf Salzburg