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Way of St.James to Ybbs

After the Danube crossing at Ybbs, the path leads uphill, away from the Danube cycle path.

The yellow sign shows the way. The marking is excellent!

power station Persenbeug

Soon we enjoy the view of the Danube and the power station Ybbs-Persenbeug including the castle.


The signposted path leads over the Marienhöhe on a beautiful path through the forest. Moss carpet alternates with fir needle carpet. Note the yellow scallop under the red-white-red mark.


Here we climb the Hengstberg.

There is even a ski lift!

view from Hengstberg
view from Hengstberg

From above there is a wonderful view to the right into the Danube valley ...

Hengstberg, view to the alps
Hengstberg, view to the alps

... and on the other side to the Alps. The path leads downhill again. Pretty soon after the Rothberg farm the sign of the way of St. James points into a meadow and then good advice would be needed. Somehow - by overcoming a ravine - we managed to find our way back to the right path in the ditch with the Willersbach.

square farm house
square farm house

The way is going up again. We see many square farm houses (Vierkanthöfe).

Lueger chapel

The Lueger chapel was built in 1938 in memory of the great mayor of Vienna Dr. Karl Lueger by the Viennese merchants.

In the immediate vicinity is the farm "Löffellehen", in which no longer existing old building Lueger's father was born.

The chapel is dedicated to St. Karl Borromeo. Dr. Karl Lueger was granted honorary citizenship on the occasion of a visit to Neustadtl in 1909.

Soon the stage destination Neustadtl an der Donau is reached.

Our accommodation, the Schaching farm

We stayed overnight at the farm Schaching with the Hofer family. They picked us up by car from the Way of St. James to their somewhat remote farm, gave us excellent food and brought us back to Neustadtl the next day. Many thanks!

Remark: We are here in the Mostviertel - you must try a Most (cider).

Vierkanthof Schaching

Our pilgrim hostel, the Vierkanthof Schaching (square farm house)

St. James church in Neustadtl

The church of St. James in Neustadtl

Babenberg statue

Inside there is no James at all, but a Babenberg duke, as indicated by the flag and the duke's hat.

St James, wood

Saint James stands as a huge wooden sculpture in front of the church under a rain roof.