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Jacobus de Voragine: Legenda Aurea
(The lives of the saints)

Translated from the Latin by Richard Benz. 14th ed. GŁtersloher Verlagshaus, 2004.

Hanged man unhanged miracle in the version of the Legenda Aurea (within the Vita "Von Sanct Jacobus the Great" (the Elder)

"Calixtus the Pope relates that in the year 1020 a German and his son wanted to make a pilgrimage to Sancto Jacob (Saint James). When he had to take shelter in the city of Toulouse, the innkeeper made him drunk and hid a silver cup in his coat pocket. When they left in the morning, the innkeeper ran after them and held them like robbers, accusing them of stealing his silver cup. They said that he would punish them if the cup was found with them. And when the cloak-bag was opened, the cup was found, and they were immediately dragged before the judge, where the judgement was given that all their possessions should remain with the innkeeper and that one of them should be hanged. The father was to die for the son, the son for the father, the son was finally hanged, and the father went on to St Jacob's with great mourning. After thirty-six days he returned and lingered by the gallows, where his son's body still hung, and lamented over him miserably. But behold, the son began to speak and comforted him: "Dearest father, do not weep, for I have never been so well: know that St Jacob has kept me until this hour and refreshed me with heavenly sweetness. When the father heard this, he ran in haste to the city; and the people came out with him, took the son from the gallows, who was quite unharmed, and hanged the innkeeper in his place." (S. 379)


Note: In this original legend, the chicken miracle is missing and the innkeeper's daughter does not appear either.