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Monasteries Switzerland
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The Capuchin Monastery Solothurn is a former monastery of the Capuchin Order in the city of Solothurn in the diocese of Basel, Switzerland. It was founded in 1588 and served for centuries as a study monastery where Swiss Capuchins received their theological education. The Franciscan modest artistic decoration, which includes a famous altarpiece by Gerard Seghers, and the extensive library have never been affected by looting or monastery closures. In the first half of the 20th century, the monastery experienced a strong growth of its community, but had to be abandoned in 2003 due to a lack of members.

The final use of the monastery is still open, so the canton rents out the church and ground floor rooms including the garden for festivities such as weddings or exhibitions.


Eingang Kapuzinerkloster

The two large lime trees in front of the entrance to the church are said to have been planted around 1809. During the renovation work around the middle of the 20th century, it was discovered that their roots reach as far as the altar.

Eingang Kapuzinerkloster

The core of the complex is a closed four-wing building with an inner courtyard surrounded by a cloister whose oak posts support a flat wooden ceiling.


In the middle of the courtyard there is a stone statue of the Virgin .


The altarpiece picture of the Annunciation was painted by the Flemish painter Gerard Seghers (1591-1651). It shows Mary in conversation with the archangel Gabriel.


The refectory, festively decorated.


The somewhat overgrown garden in front of the monastery front.