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After the second Kappel war a chapel was built in 1559 on the battlefield at the Gubel. It burnt down in 1780 and was immediately rebuilt and supplemented with an inn and a chaplaincy. After the 300th anniversary celebration in 1831, a convent for perpetual adoration was founded, which was occupied by capuchin nuns in 1851.

Kloster Maria Hilf am Gubel Innenansicht der Kapelle Maria Hilf am Gubel
Mariahilfbild mit Kloster Gubel

On the left side there is a first Mariahilfbild (Mary Help Picture). It is a copy of the Mariahilf (Mary Help) picture by Lucas Cranach.

Underneath is the monastery at the Gubel.

Kloster Gubel

and this is how it looked like in February 2014

Kloster Gubel Mariahilfbild

At the main altar there is also a picture of Maria Hilf (Mary Help). In comparison to the Cranach original, here the baby Jesus is clothed and he looks at the viewer. The Renaissance garment of Mary is changed in colour and details. The faces look completely different. The basic concept of the picture is the same as the Cranach Original.

Click on the picture to enlarge!

The ceiling fresco depicts the Battle of Gubel. It was here that the Reformed fought against the Catholic Confederates (Eidgenossen) in the last battle of the Second Kappeler War in 1531.

Deckenfresko: Schlacht am Gubel Ausschnitt 3 Gubelschlacht Ausschnitt 2 Gubelschlacht Ausschnitt 1 Gubelschlacht

Kirche von Aussen

ExVoto Mariahilfbild
Mariahilfbild im Refektorium

In the dining room hangs another Mariahilf painting. The head of the Mother of God is surrounded here by stars. Click on the picture to enlarge!

The Ex Voto picture on the right also adorns the title page of the information brochure about the monastery Mariahilf am Gubel.