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Empress Elisabeth
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A small selection of Sisi paintings

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Sisi picture in the Hermesvilla, Vienna
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Sisi with jewellery in Hungarian national colours
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Sisi in ruby jewellery
Hofburg, Vienna
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painting by Winterhalter
Hofburg, Vienna
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Copy of Winterhalter picture by Winterhalter
Hofmobiliendepot Vienna
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Sisi with black ribbon
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Sisi in the study of Franz Josef in the Hermesvilla until 2006
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since 2007 Sisi in the study of Franz Josef in the Hermesvilla of Katrin Plavcak
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(Francis and) Sisi painting in Café Central, Vienna 1, Herrengasse

Note on the Sisi picture in the Hermes villa in the study of Franz Joseph

Originally there was a portrait of Georg Raab at the place above the chimney, which Empress Elisabeth showed in riding costume. Since this painting has not been available for decades, the one with different copies, which were however all not satisfactory.

In 2006, the Wien Museum decided to present the famous Austrian artist Katrin Plavcak with a reinterpretation. Plavcak showes Sisi in a dreamlike Fantasy landscape, accompanied by animals she loved: dog and horse.