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The pilgrimage church "St. Mary - Assumption into Heaven" stands on a hill above the town of Leibnitz.

Frauenberg has always been a "cult centre". To the west of today's church near the Frauenberg Temple Museum lie the foundations of an ISIS-NOREIA temple, built over an older Celtic cult structure. The foundation walls of a Roman podium temple, built around 100 AD, can also be found here.


A church of St. Mary is first mentioned in documents in 1170. After several fires, the baroque pilgrimage church that exists today is the work of the Leibnitz master builder Bartholomäus Montianus.

The vaulting of the church interior and the apse design were carried out by the Marburg Baroque master builder Johann Fuchs from 1760.

The high altar contains a late Gothic statue of the Madonna with Child, which was carved over in the Baroque period. The two side altars are dedicated to St. Anne and St. Sebastian.

View into the dome

The entire church interior has been painted in fresco since 1767/68. The painted architectural prospectuses on the flat ceiling domes and walls cover the entire room envelope and simulate wide views. The paintings narrate incidents from the life of Mary.

On the right side altar is a figure of St. Nepomuk.

Johannes Nepomuk

On the way to Frauenberg, you pass this statue of St. John Nepomuk.