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Side trip to Lommis and Sonnenberg Castle

Sonnenberg Castle rises in a quiet location above the Lauchetal valley near Stettfurt between Frauenfeld and Wil.

Sonnenberg Castle

The Lords of Sonnenberg are first mentioned in documents in 1242. After the 4th fire in 1595, Jost Zollikofer from Sankt Gallen rebuilt the present castle. From 1678 to 2007 it was a governorate of the Einsiedeln monastery.

Sonnenberg on the terrace of the castle courtyard

After a short visit of the beautiful inner courtyard we sit on the castle terrace and enjoy the stage beer with a magnificent view.

View from the castle terrace

View from Sonnenberg Castle

Since autumn 2007, the castle has been owned by the Austrian entrepreneur Christian Baha, who now resides there. According to a press release, the restaurant business will continue.