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The Way of St. James leads from the cathedral square through the Mönchsberg tunnel. The blue and yellow signs show the way to Salzburg Airport via the Glaner Treppelweg (cycle path), which means a detour. The direct route via heavily used federal roads is not recommended.

Our hiking documents were the Outdoor Pilgrim Guide by Reinhard Dippelreither. From the book by Peter Lindenthal we mainly used the maps and multiplied his time indications by 1.5.

In both guides it is recommended to use public transportation for the route to the airport. We took this very literally. Fotopiktogramm. After all, we came from Zurich.

Gois, St. Jakob

On a hill in Gois stands a church of St. James. The nave of the church consists of Romanesque walls. The west tower is from the time around 1500.

Pilgerstempel Gois

Gois, St. Jakobkirche Innen

A view into the interior of the Jakobskirche. Click on the neo-gothic winged altar! On the left you can see Jesus and James at the Sea of Galilee. In the middle is James on the right side of Mary. The left figure is his brother John.


In the right wing James baptizes Isaiah, according to a legend, just before his martyrdom.


On entering Marzoll we cross the state border. An old boundary stone stands under the "Achtung" (attention) sign.


Click on the left sign!


Marzoll with church and castle

Alternative image Fotopiktogramm

Schlossberghof by the church Fotopiktogramm

St. Valentin, Marzoll


Marzoll, St. Valentin Kirche Innen

The Marzoller church is consecrated to St. Valentin.

Jakobsweg bei Marzoll

After Marzoll "St. Zeno" is already indicated on the signposts.

At the edge of the forest a deer welcomes us. (Not visible on the picture)

little bridge

The meadow path is followed by a forest section with a slight incline.


Again and again we see old boundary stones.


Click on it



Gasthof Obermühle

Gasthof Obermühle


The geese at the inn take no notice of us.


Right after the Obermühle we pass this farmhouse.


Click on the left post from the entrance gate! and on the way cross on the left (you only see the roof here)!

St. Zeno

St. Zeno in Bad Reichenhall.

Pictures of the
  with its romanesque cloister.

Pictures of
with its spa facilities.