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The landscape of the Aubrac

The landscape of the Aubrac is uniquely beautiful and cannot really be portrayed in a photograph. It lacks the vastness, the third dimension and the soft, cool wind that blows across the pastures.


The path is constantly rising. A bridge has to be crossed here.


In the distance you can see Nasbinals.



Église Notre Dame de la Care, Nasbinals

Kirche in Nasbinals

In Nasbinals, the 11th century Romanesque Église Notre Dame de la Care has just been renovated. This is what it looks like without scaffolding.

Aubrac Rinder

The mountainous region of Aubrac is famous for its cattle. We were not quite so comfortable crossing the cattle herds.


Shortly after the highest point (1368), we descend to Aubrac.

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Only the church and the tower (Tour des Anglais) remain from the hospice founded in 1120, which was later extended into a monastery.

Der Turm - unsere Herberge

The tower now houses the hostel. We cooked and slept there together. It is like living in a refrigerator there.

Curious tourists visit the tower and climb the spiral staircase and look into all the dormitories, which is not very funny when you want to change.

Aubrac church

The church next to the fortified tower from close up.