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How does Saint James work?


After visiting Saint James in Santiago, my fellow pilgrim Hans said: "He can't stand it there. Thousands of people are passing by, each bringing one or more requests. People are constantly photographing and flashing. No peace. At the same time, he has to protect all the pilgrims on all the Camino de Santiago routes, day and night. Poor James can't stand that, he's probably sitting by the sea in Finisterre enjoying the peace and quiet."
In my mind I saw James sitting alone on the beach with his feet in the water.

But that cannot be. What is the effect of Saint James, how does he manage this?

The saint needs support in the form of many helpers, thousands.

And so it is. They exist, the helpers. They are the fellow pilgrims, the hostel parents, the people you meet on the way and very concretely you and me. Look in the mirror and you will see one of James' helpers.