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Romanesque in Alsace Andlau Châtenois
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Dambach-la-Ville is a typical winegrowing town in the wine-growing region of Alsace. The houses, some of which date back to the Middle Ages, have a brick cellar as their basement and a half-timbered structure on top, the style of which has changed and become more elaborate from the Middle Ages through the Renaissance period to the Baroque. The town was fortified in the 14th century and developed into a bishop's see. Parts of the city wall and 3 defence towers are still preserved today.

Just outside the town lies the chapel of St. Sebastian and the ruins of Bernstein Castle tower above the town. The name comes from Bärenstein. The bear is also the heraldic animal and emblem of the town.

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chapel Saint-Jean-Baptiste
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the 12th century chapel seen from the side
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city gate
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church of Dambach
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pilgrims in Dambach
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Fortified tower
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Berggasse, path to the Chapel of St. Sebastian
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St. Sebastian

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