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Greek Mythology Titian's Danae Danae depictions
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A small selection of Danae representations

Danaë von Gustav Klimt

Like many artists, Gustav Klimt has also taken up this theme.

Danae no longer looks up dreamily as she did with Titian, her eyes are closed lustfully and Zeus' golden rain is really going to the point. The red hair symbolises her sexuality, as do the half-open lips. Danae gives herself to Zeus willingly and with obvious pleasure.

In the foreground you can see already fertilised eggs floating

Upper Belvedere, Vienna

Danaë from Jacques Chantron

Jacques Chantron zeigt seine Danaë in freudig verzückter Pose.

Das Bild stammt aus dem Jahre 1891. Mit offenen Armen empfängt sie Zeus.

Danaë from Rembrandt


Hermitage, St. Petersburg

Danaë from Jan Gossaert

Jan Gossaert um 1478 - 1532

München, Alte Pinakothek

Danaë of Correggio

Antonio Allegri called Correggio painted this DanaŽ about 1531.

Galleria Borghese, Rom

Danaë of Orazio Gentileschi

Orazio Gentileschi (* 1563 in Pisa; Ü 1638 in London) followed the light-shadow style of Caravaggio

Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland