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Romanesque overview
Romanesque Germany
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St. George's Church in Reichenau-Oberzell was built in the Carolingian period around the year 900 and has been extended several times. It is one of the oldest St. George's churches in Europe and one of the oldest Romanesque churches in Germany. Abbot Hatto III of the Benedictine abbey on the island of Reichenau brought back the head of St. George from a trip to Rome. This relic gave rise to the construction of the church.

Sankt Georg, Oberzell

With its important Romanesque wall paintings, the church and the entire monastery island are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

St. Georg, Interior view

The frescoes were only discovered under the plaster in 1880. They were created around the year 1000 and depict the miracles of Christ. The church cannot be visited during the summer months. This is to prevent mould from forming on the precious wall paintings, because every visitor brings moisture into the church interior.

An explanation of the frescoes can be found in the small museum nearby. Example from the north wall: the healing of the water addict.

St George Fresco: Healing the Water Addict

Digitally post-processed photo

Drawing of the Scene - Healing Water Addicts

Drawing of the scene

The healing of the possessed

The healing of the possessed.
The Roman city of Gerasa is depicted in the background.


Enlargement of the city representation

Anyone visiting Gerasa in Jordan today will find it hard to see any similarities:
See for yourself:

Pictures from Gerasa

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Roman market place in Gerasa
Roman market place in Gerasa
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Hadrian's Gate in Gerasa
Hadrian's Gate
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Column Street in Gerasa
Column Street