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St. Ulrich Regensburg

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Pfalzkirche Sankt Ulrich

In the middle of Regensburg, between the cathedral square and the old Kornmarkt, were the Palatinate buildings where the dukes resided. The church of St. Ulrich and the fortified tower remain. When Regensburg became an immediate, free imperial city in 1245, the area of the Palatinate was excluded from this. Here was always Bavarian territory.

St. Ulrich Innenansicht

The interior of St. Ulrich. This is the home of the Diocesan Museum.

romanesque cross

One of the many treasures in the museum is this simple Romanesque Christ.

 bike symbol

Further along the Danube cycle path to Straubing


In search of Gertrude:

Gertrud von Supplinburg lived both with her first husband, Heinrich the Proud, and (though only for a very short time) with her second husband Heinrich Jasomirgott here in the Palatinate buildings in Regensburg. In the church belonging to it, she surely took part in a Mass celebration several times. Possibly a funeral service after her death took place here. She is not buried here.