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Halong Bay

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The peaceful boat ride between the islands of Halong Bay was one of the highlights of our trip. We sat there and were amazed!

Scenes from the James Bond film "Tomorrow never dies" were filmed here. Here, Pierce Brosnan and a Chinese agent search for the stealth ship of the villain, a megalomaniac media mogul who wants to start a world war.

our white painted ship The journey to the bay began tranquilly impressive rock formations We are approaching a floating village striking rock Beauties of Halong Bay calm water, light fog, steeply rising islands The sun comes out and illuminates this striking rock beautiful UNESCO World Heritage landscape Rocky landscape in Halong Bay lightbox for MACby VisualLightBox.com v5.9

Halong Bay (Vietnamese: Vinh Ha Long, "Bay of the Submerged Dragon") is an area of around 1,500 km2 in the Gulf of Tonkin, in northern Vietnam. According to official figures, almost 2000 limestone cliffs, mostly uninhabited islands and rocks, some several hundred metres high, rise out of the water. In 1994, UNESCO declared the bay a World Heritage Site. The tourist sigthseeing programme includes a visit to a dripstone cave on one of the larger islands.

Colourfully illuminated stalactite cave Tourist with camera Stalagmites and stalactites Ships With a little skill, every tourist can find his way back to his ship again lightbox for MACby VisualLightBox.com v5.9
Vreni and Gerhard in the Halong Bay