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Way of St. James Switzerland
starting in Constance starting in Rorschach Einsiedeln Stans Brünig Interlaken Thun Fribourg Payerne Lausanne Geneva
Appenzeller way
Rankweil Neuhaus
Lucerne way
Lucerne Burgdorf Bern
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Let me slow down, Lord.
Relieve the hurried beating of my heart by stilling my soul.
Let my hasty steps become steadier with my eyes fixed on you.
Give me some peace from your eternity in the midst of the day.
Release my inner tension through stillness.

Let me slow down, Lord.
Teach me the art of enduring the free moment.
Give me the peace to see the beauty of a flower,
to admire your creation in nature,
to turn to the fellow human being I meet along the way.

Let me slow down, Lord.
Open my senses to the millennial history of the path I walk.
Let me become grateful to all those who make my steps possible and who have built bridges, footbridges and paths,
who look after hostels and care for pilgrims.

Let me slow down, Lord
and give me the desire to sink my roots deep into the eternal ground,
that I may grow up to my true destiny.