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The village Ober Sankt Veit, our Vienna domicile

St. Veit was first mentioned in a document in 1195, when a Viennese citizen named Wergand took part in the 3rd crusade and lent his vineyard for this purpose. Witnesses of the transaction are Albertus and Ernst de Sancto Vito (St. Vito), as well as Erchenkret von Hekkin(g) and Marquard von Hütteldorf.

Ober St. Veit was united with Unter St. Veit and a number of other places with Vienna on 19 December 1890.

St. Veit (Vitus) is a martyr who, since he did not want to give up the faith, was murdered as a 12-year-old around 304 in southern Italy. He belongs to the 14 helpers in need and is the patron saint of pharmacists, miners, brewers and innkeepers, coopers and winegrowers. He was called upon to help with epilepsy (St. Vitus' dance), hysteria, obsession, rabies, snake bites, lightning and storms. His attributes are: in the oil boiler, eagle, raven, cock, dog on a leash.

Some pictures of the old village centre Ober St. Veit. See also under




Firmiangasse, named after Leopold Maximilian Count von Firmian. He lived 1766 - 1831, was archbishop of Vienna and established a

Heuriger Gössl-Schneider

Wine Tavern (Heuriger) Gössl-Schneider in the Firmiangasse


Firmiangasse mit Ob.St. Veiter Kirche


Glasauergasse / Firmiangasse


What is a bridge saint doing in Ober St. Veit without a bridge?

Are you curious?
Learn more about him and his adventures!

The Glasauergasse is named after the mayor of St. Veit, Karl Glasauer (1819 - 1874). It was previously called "the Bauernzeil".

alte Häuser in der Firmiangasse


Hietzinger Hauptstrasse

Hietzinger Hauptstrasse


Sommerergasse. Until 1894 it was called Brunnengasse

The narrow Sommerergasse

The narrow Sommerergasse

Das Lokal "Bunt"

From the Heurigen (wine tavern) "Old wine hut" in the Hietzinger Hauptstrasse the event restaurant "Bunt" has become.


Wofrathplatz mit Tram

Not quite up-to-date picture of Wolfrathplatz with the 158 tramway.

Station announcement U4 until 2013